Make the Most of Your Yard With Landscape Lighting

    Give your yard the same attention you put into your home.

    With landscape lighting from Stott Brothers Electric, you can make sure your guests see the best your yard has to offer — and you can create a space that’s brightly lit and welcoming to your guests and unwelcome to intruders.

    You can rely on Stott Brothers Electric to install, service, maintain, and repair a wide variety of landscape lighting.
    • Path lights
    • Deck lights
    • Security lights

    Our designers will work with you to create a system that meets your needs. Call us today to get an estimate on landscape lighting.

    Great Reasons to Add Landscape Lighting

    • Increased safety

      Landscape lighting can illuminate obstacles and tripping hazards, and it eliminates hiding places for intruders.

    • Improved aesthetics

      Our experts design lighting systems that complement your home and property.

    backyard with lights lining walkway
    • Highlighted features

      When you’ve invested a lot into making your yard beautiful, landscape lighting brings out its best by calling attention to flower beds, trees, water features, and other attributes.

    • Easy operation

      Today’s landscape lighting options include timers, dimmers, remote controls, and other features that make it easy to use your lights.

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