Electrical Maintenance Plans

With our Electrical Membership, you can enjoy a ton of perks, discounts, and the peace of mind that your electrical system is safe and efficient all year long! At just $12/month (or $144/year), you’ll get access to all of the benefits below. Sign up today!

Member benefits include:
  • No dispatch fees
  • 15% off troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • 15% off any standard electrical service & installation
  • 5% any major electrical service & installation
  • 5% the purchase of standby generators
Annual Electrical System Inspection
  • Check all accessible receptacles and GFCI receptacles for proper functionality.
  • Check all accessible switches for proper operation
  • Check grounding system proper code compliance with NEC
Annual Panel Tune-up
  • Check all breaker fasteners in panel for proper tightening (torqued to manufacturer specifications)
  • Check all breakers for normal operating temperatures according to manufacturer specifications
  • Vacuum accumulated dust and debris from inside panel box.
  • Check for evidence of burning, corrosion and softness of busbars.
Home Safety Promise
  • Lifetime Replacement of life safety devices that we have supplied and installed which includes smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and GFCI receptacles.
  • Test smoke detectors and replace batteries in standard height ceilings once a year.
Warranty Upgrade
  • Extended warranty upgrade from our standard 1-year parts and labor to our upgraded 3-years parts and labor.
Replace Faulty Devices
  • Replacement of 2 devices per contract year. (Device = standard switch or standard receptacle)

Generator Maintenance Plans

Our value–packed generator maintenance plans start at just $250/year! These plans include everything you need to have total peace of mind that your generator is ready for any outages that may occur. Our electricians complete important tasks like check the battery, the voltage, and even simulate a power outage just to be sure everything is working like it should. Contact us today for more information!

Emergency Home Electricity Generator
We offer four different generator maintenance plans:
  • Annual Plan: $250/year, and includes 1-time service
  • Standard Plan: $429/year, and includes 2 visits (1 service and 1 check) with 10% discount on all generator services
  • Extended Plan: $529/year, and includes 3 visits (1 service and 2 check) with 15% discount on all generator services
  • Premium Plan: $1249/year, and includes 12 visits (1 service and 11 check) with 15% discount on all generator services
What’s included in our generator maintenance:
  • Complete tune-up / oil & oil filter change once a year
  • Check battery
  • Check battery charging system
  • Check voltage
  • Check generator frequency
  • Check transfer switch
  • Simulate power outage up to 3 times a year
  • Check power load
  • General cleaning of generator